Autumn walk 2019

On 24 november 2019 we will organise our autumn walk. This year we’re going for a walk in the Biesbosch. We hope for nice weather and a large group of those big white dogs. For navigation: Spieringsluis 6, 4251 MR Werkendam, NederlandIn some navigation systems you can type the plate/muscle tube or parking Jantjes plate. You pass restaurant De Brabantse Biesbosch and Marina Van Overeeg (muscle tube 5), then all drive on and you see the parking lot.We start at 12.30 from the large parking lot (as last time). Did you know that is reserved for demanege Seleviahoeve (HetKooike 2 Werkendam).Please (as possible) give up at Hans Paans:

Autumn Walk