Description of the breed


Height: According to the standard:

*  males       70 – 75 cm (28 – 29,5 inch)
*  females    65 – 70 cm (26 – 27,5 inch)

Type of dog

The Kuvasz is a guard dog, intelligent, devoted, courageous, dominant, honest, well-balanced, hard to himself and loyal to his family. He will only bark, when it is necessary. The Kuvasz is devoted, but not dependent.


As the Kuvasz has a white coat, the pigmentation is very important. The eyes have to be as dark as possible, the lips and the nose have to be black. Also the skin and the palate have to be dark.


The Kuvasz needs a balanced and consistent education. The (future) owner has to have strong legs. This does not mean you have to bring up the dog using a lot of power. The dog is the best pupil in a friendly surrounding, where room is left for his own initiatives.


The coat of the head and the front of the legs is short, all other parts of the body have to have longer hair. The structure of the coat is rough and wavy, the undercoat is soft. The colour is white. Ivory colour is accepted. The Kuvasz has a very thick coat,
that protects him against all kinds of weather. When the dog starts loosing his hair, it looks like it has been snowing. It is recommended to brush the dog thoroughly during the moulting time. Normally the coat does not need much attention.


The Kuvasz will inspect the borders of his territory a couple of times per day. This will keep him in a good condition. For people who do not have a large area it will be necessary to take their dog for long walks. The Kuvasz needs room, for his body as well for his mind.