A Gazdaság Ról

    Our names are Frank and Liset and we are engaged with dogs for over 25 years.
The last 20 years only with Kuvasz. They live in our house and they have a large area
around the house. In this area there is also room for other animals, like sheep, goats, chicken.
Both our dogs as the puppies have contact with these other animals which will contribute
to their socialisation.

          Offspring of our dogs can be found in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany Canada and
          Italy. When we breed our dogs, we give special attention to character and health.

Of course we pay much attention to the appearance of the Kuvasz. Our dogs and their
                                         offspring had good results on national and international exhibitions.
                                          Most preferable of course is to come and have a look at our dogs.
                                             We have 4 Kuvaszok.




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